Grade 8 Teaching Resources

Lesson 1

Which Me Should I Be?

Essential Question: What are the benefits and risks of presenting yourself in different ways online?

Students will:Reflect on the benefits and risks of presenting their identities in different ways online
Evaluate – from an ethical point of view – the feelings, motivations, contexts, and possible outcomes associated with adopting different roles online
Judge whether certain ways people present themselves online are harmless or harmful

Which Me Should I Be Video

Lesson 2

Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding

Essential Question: How do you judge the intentions and impact of people's words and actions online?

Students will:Reflect on what it means to be brave and stand up for others offline and onlineLearn to show empathy for those who have been cyberbullied
Generate multiple solutions for helping others when cyberbullying occurs

Forms of Cyber-Bullying Video